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Making Funding Applications

We want to help you to find the funding you need. It’s surprising how many different sources of funding are available. The trick is knowing where to apply and using appropriate language.

We can help you locate and access those funds using GRANTfinder which is the UK's leading grants database and includes details in excess of 9,000 funding opportunities.  Working with you, we can use GRANTfinder to search for potential funding opportunities specific to your needs. GRANTfinder produces a report that lists the available funds which you can apply for.  If you would like to do a free GRANTfinder search please contact Suzie Tobin, our funding adviser. Our team may also have some other ideas that you may not have explored so it would be worthwhile calling us our coming to the office for a chat about funding.  

If you have prepared a funding application or want some help in doing so, we are here to help. You can draw on our knowledge gained from successful applications for your bid or application. In summary, if you want to know what you can apply for or how to apply please use our experience.

Grant funding is an ongoing cycle. It’s not a task which you sort out before getting on with the real work of delivering an activity or service. Fundraising doesn’t start by finding a grant – there’s a whole stage of preparation required first if you are to be successful in seeking and managing grants. Just as importantly, fundraising doesn’t end when you receive the cheque and put a logo on your website.

Applying for and managing grants can take a lot of time, and making unsuccessful applications wastes precious resources. There are many ways to improve your chances and to make the most from grant funding.

The following articles will give you a idea of the basic skills you will need to plan a project and write an effective application. We are always happy to discuss any application you’d like to make and proof read your application:

Jargon Busting

Identifying Need

Aims and Outcomes

Planning Your Project

How to Tell Your Story

Writing a Case for Support

Writing a Funding Application

Making an Application

Download this little book with lots of helpful tips and advice for writing applications

The Little Bid Book

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If you need further or more specific funding advice please complete our fundraising contact form and let  us help you!