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Voluntary Support North Surrey

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Registered charity No. 1141587

A company limited by guarantee No. 752663

Privacy Policy

Starting a Charity

If you are thinking of starting a charity, there is guidance on The Charity Commission website which will help you decide whether this is the right thing to do. Voluntary Support North Surrey is available locally to talk through the various options and support you through the processes. Either call us or arrange a meeting at one of our offices.

Charities receive tax breaks but are limited in what they can do and have to follow charity law. For example, you will only be able to set up a charity if:

• it is set up to benefit the public (not you or a company)

• its aims are all charitable

• you have a group of people willing to be trustees

Once your charity is set up and its annual income is more than £5,000, you must apply to become a registered charity. The Charity Commission can provide advice.

You want to start up a small charity, you will need a set of rules which explain what the charity does and how it is to be run. The Charity Commission has example model constitutions for a small charity.

The people on the committee will be the trustees of the charity. They will be responsible for the money that other people have given and must ensure it is properly spent and correctly accounted for.

Setting up a charity Registering your charity

Guidance on setting up a charity and when you should apply to register it.