October 28, 2021

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Recruiting Trustees

Nearly half of all charities in the UK are looking for trustees at any time and with 170,000 UK registered charities that's a lot of vacancies!

Recruiting new members to the board can seem a daunting task but there's a wealth of help and resources to start your search.  The important consideration is diversity amongst board members because boards with trustees of different backgrounds and experience are more likely to encourage debate and to make better decisions. Some trustee roles need special skills and depending on your cause you may need trustees with other experience and specialisations. NCVO has a informative Roles on the Board page to help you identify what kind of trustee you need.

The first rule of thumb in trustee recruitment is to openly advertise any trustee posts, and not just spread word of the vacancy through your existing networks. The second rule is to advertise in the places where your prospective targets are. We've put together some links to get you started:

Treasurer Recruitment

The Honorary Treasurers Forum

Institute of Chartered Accountants

Have you thought about approaching your local Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses, Rotary or business associations to find someone locally who would be interested in your cause?

Digital/Social Media/IT Trustee


Diversity Specific

Women on Boards

Young Trustees Movement

A Practical Guide to Recruiting Black and Asian Charity Trustees

General Trustee Recruitment

Reach Volunteering

Getting on Board

Charity Job

Using LinkedIn to recruit trustees has been very successful for some local charities and we can offer support by publicising your trustee position on Volunteer Plus, our online volunteer recruitment database, contact alison@voluntarysupport.org.uk for more details.


More Reading:

NCVO Easy Read Good Trustee Guide: How Trustees Look After the Charity 

Or the Charity Commission 5 Minute Guides

Charity Commission Finding New Trustees 



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Befriending Week 2021

This befriending week, we are celebrating everything that befriending is, the difference it makes to individuals, families and communities, and the amazing contribution made by the many wonderful volunteer befrienders out there.

Loneliness is a growing issue in our society and has been a particular concern throughout the pandemic. Most people have experienced feelings of isolation in the last year and a half but for a lot of people in our communities, feelings of isolation and loneliness are enduring. Being matched with a volunteer befriender, having something to look forward to and someone to share stories with, is such a positive experience for people and beneficial to health.

Befriending can make a big difference to the lives of people who are matched with a befriender, but it can also offer some comfort to family members. We live in a society in which, many people live some distance from their families. Being able to refer a loved one to a befriending service can be a relief to family members who are concerned about a loved one who is feeling lonely or isolated. They can rest in the knowledge that every week their loved one will have a friendly visit from a trusted organisation.

Befriending can also provide a link between a person experiencing feelings of isolation, to their local community. Befrienders can tell the person they are matched with, stories from their neighbourhood, they may be able to visit the local shops or have a drink with their befriender in a local cafe. Feelings of isolation and loneliness diminish which is hugely beneficial for emotional wellbeing.

Befriending is not however a one-way experience. Volunteer befrienders report how much they enjoy the visits they make. They talk about the rewards of knowing you are making a difference, the joy of meeting someone knew and hearing their stories. They report how happy it makes them feel, to know they are bringing happiness to others. Befriending can be a wonderful way to manage your own feelings of loneliness too, as volunteers are also building new friendships and giving something back to their community.

At Time to Talk, we are so grateful to all of our wonderful volunteers. They have supported people throughout the pandemic, finding creative ways to stay in touch with people, doorstep visits, sitting in gardens, going for walks. They have offered their time every week to make a difference to someone else. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to provide the support that we do.

Befriending week is an opportunity to extend a huge thank you to all volunteer befrienders. You are keeping people connected, making people smile and reminding people that someone out there cares.

Thank you

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