Coronavirus COVID-19

If you are part of an emerging voluntary group providing practical help and food to relieve isolation at this difficult time - please read our guidance and get in touch for more information and support.


Areas to consider:


What are you asking your volunteers to do? 


It is imperative volunteers are told what they are expected to do. If possible, a volunteer role description/agreement should be created and given to each volunteer. A sample volunteer agreement is available to download here 


What support are you giving to your volunteers?  

  • Volunteers should have a named person as their main point of contact.   
  • Consider giving the volunteers guidance on what to do if they find a problem i.e. how to report a safeguarding concern or what to do if they have concerns about a person’s health. 


How are you protecting you volunteers? 


How are you protecting the people you want to help? 

  • The people you are helping may be vulnerable, you may want to consider completing a risk assessment particularly consideration to reducing risk of cross contamination and when the exchange of money is involved.



If your organisation needs more information or support please get in touch by completing our contact form or by calling 01932 571122


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