Coronavirus Volunteer Groups

Areas to consider:

What are you asking your volunteers to do? 

It is imperative volunteers are told what they are expected to do. If possible, a volunteer role description/agreement should be created and given to each volunteer. A sample volunteer agreement is available to download here 

What support are you giving to your volunteers?  

  • Volunteers should have a named person as their main point of contact.   
  • Consider giving the volunteers guidance on what to do if they find a problem i.e. how to report a safeguarding concern or what to do if they have concerns about a person’s health. 

How are you protecting you volunteers? 

How are you protecting the people you want to help? 

  • The people you are helping may be vulnerable, you may want to consider completing a risk assessment particularly consideration to reducing risk of cross contamination and when the exchange of money is involved. 

Are you looking after people’s information correctly? 

  • Confidentiality of people’s information is a legal requirement under GDPR legislation – a sample confidentiality document is available to download here
  • Due consideration must be given to the way that volunteer and client details are stored. A sample GDPR policy is available to download here 

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