Corporate Team Volunteering

Help voluntary organisations

Our experienced team have been working with local small businesses and large corporates for over 15 years helping to develop relationships and meet organisational needs. By engaging employers and their employees, organisations can make the most of the skills available to achieve the maximum impact over a longer period of time.

How we can help

Together we can identify corporate volunteering projects that could be undertaken by an employee volunteer team. We would then connect you with an appropriate local business which is looking to make a measurable difference to a community that needs additional support.

benefits to your organisation

  • Helps to build a relationship between local businesses and the community

  • Volunteers bring a range of skills and expertise that you may not have internally

  • Enable staff to concentrate on important tasks

  • Volunteers bring diversity which enriches organisations

  • It’s a free resource


Corporate Team volunteering can take many forms. The teams can undertake physical tasks such as painting, gardening, clearing and equipment assembly.

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There is also the possibility that businesses will want to share their individual professional skills and offer business planning, HR, office space, printing or IT.


Many organisations have adopted a local organisation and raised funds on their behalf through various activities leading to development of strong mutually beneficial relationships.

Contact us to engage a local business to help your organisation.