Jo Buckell - Runnymede Charity Engagement Manager

I’ve recently joined the VSNS team to support charities and voluntary organisations in the Runnymede area. I hope to help local organisations emerge strongly from the disruption of the pandemic and develop an effective strategy for the years ahead. Together with a team of experienced colleagues, I can offer guidance in a range of areas from finding volunteers to advice over governance structures, identifying funding opportunities, providing marketing support and training for trustees and volunteers. I’ll also be working to find volunteers with a range of skills to help meet the needs of local organisations - anything from befriending to website design and much more.

I am excited to grow my knowledge of the voluntary sector and make a difference to the wealth of local organisations bringing so many benefits to communities in Runnymede.

Maybe you have some seasonal events coming up where you’d appreciate support from volunteers, or perhaps COVID has made you reconsider how you approach key aspects of your work. Whatever your needs, please do get in touch with me or call 07485 349310.

I welcome any opportunity to meet with you and learn more about local voluntary and faith organisations in Runnymede and explore where I can support you.

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