Time for a Cuppa

There are 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia right now and approximately 3000 people in our community of North Surrey. We can all feel lonely at times but people living with dementia and those who care for them face even bigger challenges. A third of people with dementia said they had lost friends following their diagnosis. The stigma around dementia can lead to people becoming isolated and poor experiences with the general public can make people withdraw from society. Becoming socially isolated can lead to a loss of confidence and a sense of loneliness, both of which have a negative impact on well-being.

Dementia UK are tackling the issues around dementia by providing specialist nurses to help people live positively with dementia but we can all do something to help others. Reaching out to people in our community who may be lonely or socially isolated can make a big difference. A small gesture like sharing a cuppa with a person who is feeling lonely can give so much, they will have something to look forward to, a sense of connection to others and a feeling that they are cared for. As one lady recently matched with a befriender said ‘I just miss having conversations with people’. 

You can tackle loneliness in your community and raise funds for Dementia UK during Time for a Cuppa week (1st to 8th of March). Why not share a tea party with friends and family, or reach out to someone in your community who may be lonely.

You can make a longer term difference by being a befriender in our local community so get in touch with or to find out more.



We’ve just discovered the Unforgettable website for carers of people living with dementia. The site has lots of innovative products to help with daily life. It was designed by James Ashwell who set up the social enterprise with the social mission to “help every step of the journey with practical advice, specialised products and a supportive community” having cared for his own mother for many years. For those living with dementia it is easy to be forgotten and for a family and professional carers it can seem overwhelming and hopeless.

We were very impressed by the ULLA “The Simple Drinking Reminder” which fits around any bottle, glass or mug and blinks brightly to draw attention to the drink and encourage regular hydration. Although dehydration is bad for everyone it’s often worse for someone living with dementia and is a leading cause of hospital admissions and a factor in the occurrence of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

The website is full of information and advice on all aspects of dementia and practical solutions – worth a look

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