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Recruiting Trustees

Nearly half of all charities in the UK are looking for trustees at any time and with 170,000 UK registered charities that's a lot of vacancies!

Recruiting new members to the board can seem a daunting task but there's a wealth of help and resources to start your search.  The important consideration is diversity amongst board members because boards with trustees of different backgrounds and experience are more likely to encourage debate and to make better decisions. Some trustee roles need special skills and depending on your cause you may need trustees with other experience and specialisations. NCVO has a informative Roles on the Board page to help you identify what kind of trustee you need.

The first rule of thumb in trustee recruitment is to openly advertise any trustee posts, and not just spread word of the vacancy through your existing networks. The second rule is to advertise in the places where your prospective targets are. We've put together some links to get you started:

Treasurer Recruitment

The Honorary Treasurers Forum

Institute of Chartered Accountants

Have you thought about approaching your local Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses, Rotary or business associations to find someone locally who would be interested in your cause?

Digital/Social Media/IT Trustee

Diversity Specific

Women on Boards

Young Trustees Movement

A Practical Guide to Recruiting Black and Asian Charity Trustees

General Trustee Recruitment

Reach Volunteering

Getting on Board

Charity Job

Using LinkedIn to recruit trustees has been very successful for some local charities and we can offer support by publicising your trustee position on Volunteer Plus, our online volunteer recruitment database, contact for more details.


More Reading:

NCVO Easy Read Good Trustee Guide: How Trustees Look After the Charity 

Or the Charity Commission 5 Minute Guides

Charity Commission Finding New Trustees 



know the law

Trustee Fundraising Responsibilities

The main duty of trustees is to advance the purposes of the charity and to always act in the charity’s best interest.

Trustees take ultimate responsibility for the fundraising activities of their charity, even when they have delegated these roles. They are responsible for ensuring the charity is compliant with the law, ensuring agreements with third party fundraisers are in place and that the relevant licenses/permissions are in place. The way charitable institutions and third-party fundraisers ask for support affects people’s trust and confidence in fundraising.

The Code of Practice from the Fundraising Regulator sets out the behaviour expected from all fundraisers. It includes treating people fairly and with respect, explaining your cause in a way which does not mislead people, and being sensitive to people who may be in vulnerable circumstances.

As the regulator of charities in England and Wales, the Charity Commission expects charities that fundraise to do so in a way which protects their charity’s reputation and encourages public trust and confidence in their charity. Trustees face challenges in getting fundraising right and the guidance from the Charity Commission is essential reading to support them in their responsibilities.


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