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Trustee Fundraising Responsibilities

The main duty of trustees is to advance the purposes of the charity and to always act in the charity’s best interest.

Trustees take ultimate responsibility for the fundraising activities of their charity, even when they have delegated these roles. They are responsible for ensuring the charity is compliant with the law, ensuring agreements with third party fundraisers are in place and that the relevant licenses/permissions are in place. The way charitable institutions and third-party fundraisers ask for support affects people’s trust and confidence in fundraising.

The Code of Practice from the Fundraising Regulator sets out the behaviour expected from all fundraisers. It includes treating people fairly and with respect, explaining your cause in a way which does not mislead people, and being sensitive to people who may be in vulnerable circumstances.

As the regulator of charities in England and Wales, the Charity Commission expects charities that fundraise to do so in a way which protects their charity’s reputation and encourages public trust and confidence in their charity. Trustees face challenges in getting fundraising right and the guidance from the Charity Commission is essential reading to support them in their responsibilities.


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Recruiting New Trustees

There are currently more than 800K trustees in the UK, volunteering across range of small and large charities.  With 90K trustees vacancies and 74% of charities saying they find it difficult to recruit what are your advertising options?

Getting on Board

Trustee Finder

Reach Volunteering

NCVO and Trustees Unlimited

Honorary Treasurers Forum

Use your social media, website and e newsletters – post your role on Twitter and use @TrusteeshipM

Use your assets and connections – trustees and supporters may work for major companies, or belong to professional networks where they can promote your organisation and role.

We can post your role on our Voluntary Support North Surrey volunteer role database


NAVCA have a great resource with information and best practice to get your recruitment started – download the PDF here

If you need more guidance please get in contact with


Why Should I be an NCVO Member?

The National Council of Voluntary Services supports the voluntary sector and volunteering because we’re essential for a better society.  They support 14,000 member organisations – a third of the voluntary sector workforce in England and help us all by providing expert advice, news and current third sector legislation.

Every day in our North Surrey community ordinary people make a difference through voluntary organisations and volunteering. In our work to support those groups we make regular use of the information provided by the NCVO.

What benefits do they offer to members?

  • NCVO Knowhow has step-by-step how-to guides and case studies, template documents, toolkits and policies on a wide range of essential subjects including governance, volunteering and HR. They have information and guidance on topics from how to start a charity, to funding, managing people and volunteers, and governance.
  • Online training in the Studyzone – where you can watch courses on topics including governance, communications, volunteer management and strategy.
  • Follow them on social media to get up to date national and political news on the UK voluntary sector @NCVO and @NCVOvolunteers
  • Funding Central provides access to a grants database and weekly emails of tailored funding advice and information. This service is free to organisations with income under £100,000.

There are so many other ways for you to benefit from their support and for those of you with an income of less than £30,000 membership is free.

Have a look at what they offer and how you can be a member here




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