Volunteer for Looking Ahead and help visually impaired residents learn new skills

Looking Ahead is a friendly and inclusive local charity supporting visually impaired adults of all ages to learn new skills such as touch typing and making the best use of tablets/laptops and smartphones.

They need volunteers to help people learn new skills, which can be a huge benefit to someone who has either lost their sight or has developed sight problems. Being partially sighted can lead to social isolation and loneliness and the class has helped some of it’s members to prepare for employment or take on voluntary roles in the wider community.

Looking Ahead volunteers are happy to learn new skills too – Heather has been a volunteer with the group for 9 years:

“It is such a friendly, relaxed group and both students and volunteers all enjoy having a chat at coffee time, as well as getting down to some work on our computers or Braille books. My role is to help students learn about the software available for visually impaired students so they can continue to make use of this technology. I can’t say I am particularly good on the computer, but amazingly I’ve found that I have been able to help students in this area and in the process I have learnt a lot myself!”

The group has both sighted and visually impaired volunteers supporting learners in developing new skills.  Everyone in the group is trained in working with the visually impaired.  

Have a look at the role description and get involved!

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