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Enabling Young Adults to Volunteer

The Time to Change project supports organisations to build up their knowledge, skills and confidence to develop suitable and attractive opportunities for young people. During the first year, we have supported over 75 organisations across Surrey and there has been a 27% increase in the number of young people (aged 19-25) volunteering within those groups.

What does the project offer to organisations:

  • Recruiting and Managing Young Volunteers (19-25) Training
  • Opportunities to gain feedback directly from our team of Volunteering Ambassadors (aged 19-25)
  • A quarterly forum for voluntary organisations to discuss successes and challenges when recruiting young volunteers aged 19-25.
  • A monthly newsletter is sent to voluntary organisations registered with the project which includes valuable insight from our Ambassador Team.
  • 1 to 1 support and guidance from the Project Manager

Feedback from organisations receiving support from the project:

“My experience of the project has been marvellous. It has been refreshing and hugely helpful for running my charity.”

“I have found the advice and training very informative and inspiring.”

“The training was one of the best courses I have attended this year."

"I feel positive, dare I say excited going forwards and looking for young volunteers!"

Interested? If you are keen to recruit young volunteers (aged 19-25), please contact us to find out more about how the project could help your organisation. Email us at info@voluntarysupport.org.uk or phone on 01932 571122.

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Time to Change is a Co-op Community Cause

Time to Change has supported over 80 voluntary organisations in 2021 and we want to help more organisations in Surrey by extending the project for another year. To raise funds we've been accepted as a Co-op Community Cause. For every £1 that Co-op members spend, 2p goes towards supporting a community project like Time to Change. Funding will allow more voluntary organisations across Surrey to learn how to benefit from the skills and enthusiasm that young people can bring as volunteers and trustees. Support Time to Change as a Co-op cause here Becoming a Co-op member is easy and costs just £1. As well as shopping offers and benefits, membership allows you to support a community cause like Time to Change. Become a Co-op member  

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