Social Prescribing is Improving Lives Locally

Social Prescribers put Surrey Heath residents in touch with a wide range of activities and local services in the community to support overall wellbeing.

Are you feeling lonely or isolated? Do you need advice or practical help around the home? Are you struggling to get out and about? Could you benefit from some emotional support?

We offer one to one meetings with a Social Prescriber to talk about concerns and the factors affecting health. The Social Prescriber will organise assistance delivered by voluntary and community organisations and council services available locally.

The areas where we may offer support include accessing social and leisure activities, independent living, transport, financial advice, disability and mental or emotional support.

A social prescription is available to all adults who are registered with a Surrey Heath GP Surgery.

If you or someone you know would benefit from talking to a Social Prescriber please complete the contact form or get in touch directly using details below

For more information call Libby on 01276 707565 or email libby@voluntarysupport.org.uk