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Tackling loneliness by taking time

One in five people in the UK feel lonely and the best way to combat this is to talk with someone. We need volunteers of all ages to support lonely people in Surrey Heath affected by different life events such as bereavement, moving house, having a baby or starting university. One of our Time to Talk volunteers has told us 'I would definitely recommend volunteering to anyone that is able to do it. An hour a week is nothing, yet it makes such a difference to someone else's life' We provide all the volunteer training so you won't need specific qualifications or education. You will just need the same skills you would bring to any friendship: an ability to listen, friendliness, sharing stories, reliability, a sense of humour, desire to help others.  


If you are interested in befriending someone in the Surrey Heath community or if you know someone who would like a befriender please complete our contact form

or call Elaine on 01276 402789


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